About Running Boards

Running boards are located at the bottom of vehicles (on either or both sides) typically at the foot of a truck’s door. They serve two main functions. The most obvious function is to serve as a step. This is especially important for taller trucks (or if truck passengers are on the shorter side).

Without an extra step into some of the taller models, getting into a truck will feel like climbing a mountain.

Protecting vehicles from various forms of road debris is a second function of running boards. When vehicles move their wheels kick up all kinds of debris (…from rocks and dirt to other more destructive things like nails). Having a running board in place can block some of this debris from being thrown high enough to scratch and/or damage doors and side panels.

Another added benefit of running boards is that they can help to keep the interior of your truck or van clean. In this way, running boards can act as a doormat; a place where passengers can wipe dirt off their feet before entering the vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    This all depends on the brand of running board and model of vehicle. Some sets are custom made for predrilled slots on your vehicle already, which makes the installation process easy and seamless. While others might require us to drill to mount them securely.